Splash and Splurge!

At V club, our members and guests can choose to swim at the Best Swimming Pool On Sohna Road and burn some calories or simply spend some time relaxing in our open air Jacuzzi.

Swimming Pool

Come and take a dip in our half Olympic size Swimming Pool On Sohna Road which is fringed and furnished with sun loungers. Our attentive staff members are at your service to serve some delicious food and drinks at your sun lounger or pool side table. You can also choose to sip on your favourite refreshing cocktails and fruit juices an ultimate pool-side relaxation.

Kid’s pool :

After a long tiring day, when you look forward to spend some time to unwind while taking a dip in the swimming pool, our little guests can also have a fun time paddling at the adjoining kid’s pool that also provides Swimming Coaching In Gurgaon. The shallow outdoor kid’s pool offers a fun, refreshing place for children under 12 years to enjoy the sun and swim.

Open air Jacuzzi

V Club’s water world gives the opportunity to relax while sitting in an open air Jacuzzi. You can enjoy a refreshing cool down after a long tiring day of a business meeting or can just choose to have romantic moments with your partner.

Splash and splurge for your swimming urge in the Top Swimming Pool On Sohna Road! Don’t surf around anymore for swimming pools in Gurgaon and come endure the joy of a serene and spic and span indoor swimming pool in Gurgaon. Endowing you with one of the best swimming pools in Gurgaon, V Club warrants the health and hygiene in its indoor swimming pool.

We understand how essential a healthy and sterile water environment is for you, your friends and your family. Revel in the swim frenzy with our Swimming Pool On Sohna Road in Gurgaon. Swimming pool membership in Gurgaon oftentimes may get herculean to obtain.

At V Club we furnish you with an easy and seamless procedure for obtaining your swimming pool membership. An open air jacuzzi, a separate swimming pool for children and toddlers and a wholesome colossal pool for the adults, we at V Club have left no stone unturned to provide our guests with the finest experience and joy for swimming at the Swimming Coaching In Gurgaon for a relaxed evening. End and enjoy a hectic day from your workplace with us. Take a whimsical evening off with your partner and deluge into the swim experience.