Sports & Fitness

As a V Club member and guest, you dont ever have to worry about your workouts being monotonous. Indulge in different activities to kick start your day and take the opportunity to review your methodology of fitness with a professional trainer at our fitness center.

V Club offers a fully-equipped, modern unisex gymnasium which is well-appointed with a range of weight machines, free weights and cardiovascular machines, all of which are fitted with audio-systems and personal televisions. The gym is open from 6am-10pm and is perfectly designed to suit all your health and fitness needs. With full-time instructors and world-class amenities, you can do a fully body workout under professional guidance.

We also have dedicated zones for Yoga, Pilates and Aerobics to make your workout experience a peaceful one. Our steam and sauna rooms are designed to complete the picture of health and fitness coupled with relaxation. Look forward to burning some extra calories and breaking into sweat. Rev up on a cardio machine. Cool down practicing some yoga postures. De-stress and pamper yourself in the steam and sauna. Stay Healthy, Stay Active!

Racquet Power

Not everyone chooses to hit the gym in order to stay fit. Some prefer a combination of exercise and sports to make the overall experience an enjoyable one. We value your choice of staying fit while indulging in your favourite indoor sports. Our integrated racquet sports court offers the widest range of world class indoor sports facilities as well as activities for people of all age groups. At V club, our privileged members have the opportunity to enjoy their favourite indoor sports thoroughly.

Here are some of the best indoor sports offerings that you can enjoy as a V Club member

Squash Court (2 indoor air-conditioned courts)

Indoor Badminton Courts (2 indoor courts with high ceiling and fresh air circulation, which is acclaimed as one of the best badminton courts in Gurgaon)

Table Tennis (2 indoor TT Tables with air-conditioned room)

Tennis Court (Outdoor synthetic 5 year coated courts)